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Who we are

The Case Alumni Association serves and advances the interests of the Case School of Engineering and the math and applied sciences of Case Western Reserve University and its alumni and students. Founded in 1885 by the first five graduates of the Case School of Applied Science, we are the oldest independent alumni association of engineering and applied science graduates in America.


Our staff coordinates an ambitious series of networking and enrichment opportunities, including events tied to Homecoming, Engineers Week, CES and our Junior/Senior Scholarship awards.


We award grants and scholarships worth several million dollars each year through the Case Alumni Foundation, one of the largest grantmaking institutions in Greater Cleveland.

Our history: The CAA at 135

When the first five graduates of the Case School of Applied Science formed an alumni association in 1885, their goals may have sounded ambitious. The school was only five years old, with a student body of fewer than 50, and several colleges had already tried and failed in the upstart town of Cleveland.


Yet the first Caseys had reason for optimism. Their teachers included physicists like Albert Michelson, who was measuring the velocity of light with astonishing precision. Classes had just moved from the red-brick Case home downtown to a handsome edifice in the countryside, in what would become University Circle. The founders felt pride in what they were part of.


“We had a good stiff course, and we worked hard,” Daniel Warmington, the association’s first president, told Case Alumnus in 1930 as he recalled his Case days. “It gave me a good education. It taught me to be exact to the millionth of an inch, and it taught me to think clearly and to the extent that I have.”


Warmington and his peers committed themselves to foster fellowship among future graduates and support “science to serve humanity.” They laid the foundation for a remarkable institution.


In 2020, the CAA counted more than 20,000 members worldwide, many of them leaders in science and industry. Case alumni have endowed scholarships for future generations of Case students, equipped state-of the art labs and raised classroom buildings, pushing the school ever toward the forefront of science and engineering.

Notable alumni

Henry Dow 1888, founder of Dow Chemical

Arthur Parker ’07, founder of Parker Hannifin

Laura Diehl-Crowl ’45, pioneering physicist 

Frank Rudy ’50, inventor of the Nike Air Sole

Paul Lauterbur ’51, father of the MRI, Nobel Prize winner

Donald Knuth ’60, computing pioneer

Bob Herbold, MS ’66, PhD ’68, COO of Microsoft

Chi-Foon Chan ’74, MS ’77, President and CEO of Synopsys

Craig Newmark ’75, MS ’77, founder of Craigslist

Julie Gerberding, MD, ’77, first female director of the Centers for Disease Control

Don Thomas ’77, PhD, astronaut, veteran of four space flights

Ka-Pi Hoh ’84, MS ’87, PhD ’89, senior scientist and

Organizational Change Manager, Lubrizol Corp.

Marla Perez-Davis, PhD ’91, director of the NASA Glenn Research Center

Paul Buchheit ’98, creator of Gmail

Alex Yakubovich ’07, co-founder of ONOSYS and Scout RFP