Healthy start

Sharing nutrition tips with classmates is only the beginning for Eunice Suberu. She hopes to nourish the world.

Scarlet letters

Tech influencer Ram Fish sees a way to make social media do more social good.

Taking a shot for science

Alumnus Ian Charnas joined a vaccine trial and broadcast the experience, hoping to change some closed minds.

Curiously brilliant

How did Bruce Banks ’64 become the top patent producer at NASA Glenn? He started early.

student orgs-request funding

MAKE A GIFT STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS REQUEST FOR FUNDING Requests for student organization funding occurs each fall via email call outs from the Case Alumni Foundation. To receive financial support from the Case Alumni Foundation, student organizations with engineering and science initiatives are asked to make presentations each year to members of the Case Alumni FoundationContinue reading “student orgs-request funding”

Why Case Robotics Rocks

CWRUbotix has grown from a modest club into a national high achiever and one of the largest of the engineering student groups. What’s going on?

Staying on air

Members of the Case Amateur Radio Club are asking old hams for help raising new antennas. They want a venerable engineering club to live on.


Counting cattle is just the start for Shoshana Ginsburg, PhD ’15. Her startup put a smart eye in the sky.

Re-engineering MedWish

Case students bring passion and engineering skills to a quest to repurpose discarded medical supplies—with lifesaving results.

Problem solvers

Members of Design for America are designing innovations for social good—and making a difference in the neighborhood.