Global Health
Design Collaborative



The mission of GHDC is to utilize the principles of engineering and medical anthropology to create culturally cognizant, sustainable solutions for primary health care problems in rural Ugandan health care centers and more broadly, low income countries. Interdisciplinary student teams work with students at Makerere University in Kampala Uganda on 5 projects: vaccine backpack, vaccine carrier, pediatric pulse oximeter, hazardous medical waste disposal, and at-home sayana press disposal.


Our projects educate our members about the engineering design process. Specifically, how to design for users and the intended environment of health centers in low-income countries. All of our projects began because of an identified unmet need from traveling to Uganda. Our end goal is to develop products that our end-users can actually use. By exposing students both in STEM and non-STEM disciplines, they can engage and develop new skills outside the classroom towards a real world application. These funds will primarily be used to pay for supplies for our projects as well as to field test our prototypes/interview local Ugandan health care workers.

Project Owners

Ashley Djuhadi

I am a fifth year polymer science and engineering major with a concentration in biomaterials and a minor in biomedical engineering. My time with GHDC as a design core member, team lead, and now 2019-2020 president has taught me invaluable interpersonal and technical skills.

Noelle Nelson

I am a third year biomedical and electrical engineering major. I have been a part of the pediatric pulse oximeter project since my sophomore year and am currently leading the project. GHDC has taught me invaluable engineering skills.

Hein Htet Aung

I’m a second year international student majoring in Mechanical Engineering and minoring in Data Science. I joined GHDC Vaccine Backpack team since my freshman year and now lead the team.

Bill Ding

I am a third year student studying Biomedical Engineering with Polymer Science and Engineering minor on the Biomaterials track. Born and raised in Shanghai, China, I enjoy participating in group projects with partners of diverse backgrounds. Through GHDC, I learned to view the global health issues in various aspects and serve as vice president.

Libby Schubert

I am a fourth year biomedical engineering major with a minor in medical anthropology. I serve as the project team lead for the Sayana Press Disposal project.

Cindy Wu

I am a third year biochemistry student. I have been a part of the Vaccine Carrier Redesign team in GHDC since my sophomore year and I have really enjoyed learning more about the engineering design process through working with my teammates. I serve as the secretary of GHDC.

Braden Lamberski

I am a fourth year biomedical engineering student on the biomechanics track with a secondary major in Mechanical Engineering. I joined GHDC in my sophomore year and in my time with the organization I have been able to hone my SolidWorks skills while simultaneously learning the prototyping process. I am the team lead for the vaccine carrier redesign project.

Alexandra Weinhofer

I am a second year polymer science and engineering major, and I have been a part of GHDC since my freshman year on the vaccine carrier redesign team. I also serve as GHDC treasurer.