My biggest motivation for joining GHDC is knowing that the efforts I put in club activities/projects is helpful for communities the organization is working together with. During my time in GHDC, I have come to a realization that application of in-class knowledge in real life situations is not an easy task but it's definitely something I enjoy.
Hein Htet Aung
GHDC Member
I joined GHDC because I love applying what I have learned from engineering classes to real practice in a different country. Now, not only have I been to a brand new continent, I have also gained a unique skills of critical analysis, teamwork, and design thinking
Bill Ding
GHDC Member
My time with GHDC as a design core member, team lead, and now president has taught me invaluable interpersonal and technical skills. I have learned how to collaborate on multi-disciplinary/ international teams, project manage to meet deadlines, conduct interviews to gain user feedback, pitch ideas and write technical grants for design competitions, and even design in SolidWorks to 3D print prototypes! Through GHDC, I have learned that the state of technology is not necessarily the barrier. But rather, it is the assumptions that designers make about their users that prevent a device's successful adoption and implementation. I can attest that engaging in the design process and getting hands-on experience outside of the classroom early on in my academic career has made me a better engineer while interning in the medical device industry and academic labs.
Ashley Djuhadi
GHDC Member