Humanitarian Design Corps



Humanitarian Design Corps strives to create globally minded engineers through practical experience and interdisciplinary outreach. HDC encourages students to go beyond the classroom and into communities. Members understand that the best solutions not only work technically but are sensitive and responsible to the people they affect. The problems we work to solve and address critical needs of the communities, like water and power.


We have four main projects throughout the year – Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Malawi and a local community project.

Costa Rica focuses on controlling erosion issues by assessing where water is lost in the pipe system. Funds would be used for transport and lodging as well as supplies.

Dominican Republic is improving our current pipe system to reduce the amount of sediment in the water. We hope to install a chlorinated filtration tank. Funds would be used for transport, lodging and chlorine tank materials.

The Malawi team aims to provide solar power to Kasungu National Park. We’re currently working on three different systems to generate electricity to power lights and appliances. This would allow the park to host and educate the public. Funds would be used for solar panels, inverter, batteries, charge controllers, wires, mounting, cement and LED lights.

The local team aims to provide solar-power to the Case Univeristy Farm. This project also gives students first-hand experience with our projects before joining a team and going abroad. Funds would be used for fans, Raspberry Pi microcontroller, wiring, mounting, batteries, solar panels, charge controller, fan controller.

Project Owners

Eileen Petros


My name is Eileen Petros. I have been part of HDC since my freshman year and have been serving as Treasurer since my second semester. From day one I was able to get involved with the engineering design process. Workshops and mentors built my knowledge of electrical engineering and practical skills like soldering. The Malawi Team has been hard at work over the past year creating wiring diagrams, sizing system components, and balancing budget with the capabilities of the system. I hope to travel with the team over Winter Break and install the finished design!

Outside of HDC I am also involved with Design for America on campus. My team is designing a modified XBox controller for a teenager with cerebral palsy. In my free time I love to run and play video games.

Rachel Norman


Hello! I have been involved with Humanitarian Design Corps for a little over a year, and have held the position of public relations officer since January 2019. I have been able to learn a lot from both my role on the executive board and my experience helping design solar arrays with the Malawi team. I’m also involved in research in Dr. Zheng-Rong Lu’s lab on campus. Some other extracurriculars I participate in are my sorority, Sigma Psi, and the Case Riding Team.