What is ISSACS, how was it formed and what purpose does it serve?

The Institute for Smart, Secure and Connected Systems (ISSACS) was launched in 2016 to capitalize on the research and education opportunities of the Internet of Things (IoT). ISSACS was originally conceived as an effort within our Case School of Engineering. As the broader impacts of IoT became clearer – how IoT will underpin the future of cities, businesses, factories, and healthcare – ISSACS was promoted to a university-wide institute to better coordinate efforts not only on the engineering and technical aspects of IoT, but critically, to illuminate the ethical, human, regulatory, and policy implications. ISSACS works across the schools at CWRU and links CWRU to community involvement through the IoT Collaborative (IOTC). The IOTC is a regional partnership formed in 2018 which coordinates joint curriculum development and research proposals as well as regional engagement. The IOTC has two “hubs” of activity:

• The Community+Technology Hub – focused on approaches to technology development that
prioritize public interest

• The Industry+Technology Hub – focused on technology and economic development ISSACS works with over 80 Faculty Associates across the campus, identifying strategic research funding opportunities and supporting those faculty with proposal development. ISSACS supports the creation of new undergraduate and graduate courses and laboratories. ISSACS also works with industry partners to support their research, development, and talent needs.

What are some recent successes coming out of the Institute –

• Hired 3 New Faculty in Case School of Engineering
• Created 2 New Engineering Courses –
          • Introduction to Connected Devices (ECSE / CSDS 377)
          • Designing IoT Edge Devices (Special Topics Course) – Course and New Laboratory supported by Intel

            Corporation; Fully Remote, Hardware-based Laboratory Class – Fall ‘20

• New Rockwell Automation Laboratory for Education and Research
• Secured over $15M in Research Funding

How can additional funding help support the Institute?

Additional funding to the Institute can be used for student and faculty and support. This includes the ability to create new courses for students, hiring new faculty, providing funding for student and faculty projects alike.

For more information, check the Universities page about ISSACS as well. The CAA and the University are working together to raise funding for this forward thinking Institute. All gifts will support this Institute. Find that information HERE