Case Rocket Team

Funded 29%



As students in rocketry, we see it as a valuable opportunity to learn the principles of design that many of us will carry forward into our careers. Everything from team dynamics, management, design, good engineering practices, and workflow comes out of the need to organize a group of people to compete at these events. This is valuable even to those who don’t pursue a career in engineering. Everyone can learn something.


Funds donated to the Case Rocket Team will be used to cover the cost of materials to construct and launch our competition rocket as well as conduct two test launches prior to competition. These funds will also help to cover our travel expenses to competitions.

Project Owners

Sebastian Abisleiman


Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

Fun Fact: I’m an avid hiker, rocketeer, and car enthusiast

Hello, my name is Sebastian, and I am a junior studying Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering here at Case Western Reserve University. I came to Case with a fervent passion for all things aerospace and took every opportunity that I could to learn more about the field. This passion manifested in me pursuing the position of Treasurer and now President of the Case Rocket Team. 

I have also been blessed with the opportunity to work with Bell Helicopter in Texas for an internship where I spent the entire summer taking the opportunity to learn and work on real aircraft. This year I am proud to be leading the Airframe sub-team where we will design the structural components of the rocket. 


Support for the Case Rocket Team will give the team the ability to test our competition rocket and allow us to make more interesting and challenging designs than in previous years. In between pursuing lab research, classes, and running a talented engineering design team, I also have a part-time job working for the Case Alumni Association.

Ben Grywalski


Chemical Engineering

Fun Fact: Each summer I compete in my county fair’s baked goods contest. 
I’ve had an interest in rockets from a young age, building and launching several ESTES rockets throughout my youth. 
Coming to Case I started looking at the rocket team, but wasn’t able to join until my second year. My first year on the team I researched fiberglass layup and worked on the airbrakes subteam.
I wound up running for Secretary at the end of the year and have been supporting the Exec team since. This year I have been continuing my work with the airbrakes subteam and forging ahead with our fiberglass research.

Vincent Portelli

Vice President


Fun Fact: I make jewelry (mostly rings, mostly silver). I use an acetylene torch for soldering and have been experimenting with lost wax casting.


I’m Vincent, and I’m a senior Computer Science student. When I decided to attend Case, one of the primary factors was the fantastic makerspace here and the creative and innovative environment that it encouraged. I joined the rocket team as a freshman and it has been a great excuse to spend much of my time in Think[Box]. 


My sophomore year I took a leadership role in the team by teaching all of the new members the basics of rocketry through our High Powered Rocketry certification program. I’ve enjoyed all of my time with the team and gained valuable leadership and engineering experience. 


Outside of rocket team, I’ve enjoyed my time at Case: academic, social, and professional experiences alike. After graduation I will be working at MathWorks, the creators of the engineering and scientific softwares MatLab and Simulink.

Maximus Ross

Public Relations Officer


Fun Fact: I’ve seen every remaining Space Shuttle and Space Shuttle model.


Hey! I’m an undergraduate student pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and a bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering at CWRU. This is my second year with the school and I’ve had the fortune to work with faculty and students who are incredibly dedicated and ready to lead. 


I spend a lot of my free time at college working on projects for Case Rocket Team. Last year, I participated in our High Power Rocketry Level 1 certification process, where I successfully launched a rocket to 3500ft and recovered it. I was a member of our team’s Testing Subteam, where we tested components for our new upcoming competition, such as our team’s first all fiberglass and aluminum rocket. I was chosen by members of the team to be our Public Relations Officer, which I was glad to accept. 


My goal is to improve the team’s outward standing and build connections to other rocket teams and local companies. At the present, I am a member of our Airframe Subteam, which designs the outward shell of the rocket and our recovery for our upcoming launch at the Spaceport America Cup. My intent after graduating is to pursue a career as a Propulsion Engineer, likely in the private sector. 

Jonah Sachs-Wetstone

Lab Manager

Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

Fun Fact: I am a bunny enthusiast and play on the Case Ultimate Frisbee Team


Hello everyone! I’m an undergraduate student at Case pursuing bachelor’s degrees in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. I am a Junior, but I am currently on Co-op, working at NASA Glenn Research Center here in Cleveland. I am working on creating power and propulsion system models for Urban Air Mobility vehicles. I’m basically trying to figure out what the flying taxis of the future are going to look like. On the team, I help manage the team’s workspace and inventory, keeping everything clean and organized. 


I’ve also done some work with the Computational Fire Dynamics Lab at Case, working with Professor Liao to run simple fluid simulations analyzing the effect of the Coriolis force on convective flows in rotating reference frames.