EP. 15: Master maker

YouTube personality and NASA engineer Alex Schepelmann ’09, MS ’10, would like nothing better than to show you how to Super Make Something!

EP. 14 Covid Sleuths

When the pandemic struck, researchers Fanny Ye and Ken Loparo used data science to map a way through it. Their Alpha Satellite can guide you to the safest places to be.

EP. 13: The rebuilder

Biomedical engineer Dustin Tyler, PhD ’99, is at the cutting edge of neural engineering—what some call “human fusion”—bringing new hope and sensations to people with paralysis.

EP. 12: Star power​

Astronaut Don Thomas ’77, PhD, flew 17 million miles in space and is now trying to recruit the “Mars generation” to follow him.

EP. 10: Eating smarter with AI

Bingying “Judy” Feng ’16 and her company, AntX Technologies, is developing a “smart scale” that weighs the nutritional value of your meal.

EP. 9: Keeper of the keys

Everykey may have the solution to the problem virtually everyone has today: How do we remember all those changing passwords?

EP. 8: Building robots with heart

Get ready for the age of “social robots,” friendly-looking machines that can read your mood. Robotics expert Kiju Lee, PhD, is at the vanguard.

EP. 7: Why Case robotics rocks

Robotics clubs are booming at high schools and colleges. The team at Sears think[box], CWRUbotix, has soared faster and higher than most.