JFK Moonshot Symposium

Commemorating the Legacy of John F. Kennedy and the Apollo Program: 

A Historical Reflection and Visions for the Future

A National Engineers Week Event at Case Western Reserve University

Tinkham Veale University Center Ballroom | Case Western Reserve University

February 18 | 1:00 P.M.


1:00 P.M. Session #1: JFK and his Legacy in Space Exploration

Universities Space Research Association Presentation: 

Dr. Jeffrey Isaacson, President and CEO, USRA
JFK Library Foundation Presentation:
Dr. Marla Pérez-Davis, Director – NASA Glenn Research Center

“Technologies that Improve Safety and Security Both in Space and on Earth.”

2:15 P.M. Session #2: Living the Legacy: Reflections of an American Astronaut

Keynote Address: Dr. Don Thomas ’77 – Astronaut, Cleveland Heights native and CWRU graduate

“How Kennedy’s Moonshot Opened the Door for My Trips to Space”

3:00 P.M. Session #3: Our Next Great Moonshots

Moonshot Talk #1 (Human Health): Dr. Anant Madabhushi, F. Alex Nason Professor II of Biomedical Engineering, Case School of Engineering, Computational Imaging and Artificial Intelligence for Precision Medicine

Moonshot Talk #2 (Applied Data Science): Dr. Roger French, Kyocera Professor of Ceramics, Case School of Engineering
Moonshot Talk #3 (Energy/Environment): Dr. Burcu Gurkan, Nord Distinguished Assistant Professor, Case School of Engineering, “Carbon Capture and Energy Storage for the Environment and Space Exploration”
Moonshot Talk #4 (Human-Technology Interface): Dr. Dustin Tyler, Kent H. Smith II Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Case School of Engineering