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The partnership between Case Alumni Association, the Case School of Engineering and the applied sciences and mathematics programs of Case Western Reserve University provides the momentum for future growth.

To our donors, we say “Thank you.”

Your support funded student scholarships, fellowships and prizes, as well as student groups and programs. Your support provided funds for laboratory upgrades, faculty development and research, and priorities set by the deans. Your support sponsored activities and resources that are changing lives and having an incredible impact on our students, our faculty and this great university.

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Case Dean’s Society

Created in 1992 to honor the founding of the Case School of Engineering, the Case Dean’s Society recognizes annual leadership contributions, starting at $1,000.  


The levels of the Case Dean’s Society are names for the founder and first four presidents of the Case School of Applied Science and the Case Institute of Technology.


Leonard Case Jr. left $1,250,000 specified for the founding of the Case School of Applied Science in Cleveland. He designated mathematics, physics, mechanical and civil engineering, economic geology, mining and metallurgy, natural history, drawing and modern languages to be taught. The school’s first term began on September 15, 1881 with 12 students.

CADY STALEY CLUB: $7,500 - $9,999​

Cady Staley, PhD was selected as the first president of the Case School of Applied Science on July 3, 1886 after serving as the dean of Union College. He came to a six-year-old institution that offered degrees in three courses, staffed by eight professors for the instruction of 42 students.

CHARLES S. HOWE CLUB: $5,000 - $7,499​

Charles S. Howe was appointed acting president in June 1902 and became president in 1903. As Howe came into contact with older Case alumni, he realized great potential abilities were being handicapped by inadequacies in speech and writing. It was President Howe who made English courses obligatory for all students.

WILLIAM E. WICKENDEN CLUB: $2,500 - $4,999​

William E. Wickenden became president in September 1929. Enrollment had risen to 812 men in 1930 but fell to 678 by 1936 before it took an upward swing. President Wickenden placed great emphasis on student activities and a well-rounded academic program. He often stated that an engineer should be just as much at home in a tuxedo as in overalls.

T. KEITH GLENNAN CLUB: $1,000 - $2,499 ​

T. Keith Glennan was named president as the Case School of Applied Science became the Case Institute of Technology in 1947. He is credited with the national expansion of Case. During his tenure as president, Glennan was named the first administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) while serving on the Atomic Energy Commission from 1950-1952.


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