Members of the Case Baja team signed this letter of thanks to Larry Enterline.


Larry Enterline sped off into a rewarding career and helps today’s students to follow his trail.

If you spend any time “off road” racing, you’re familiar with FOX Racing Shox, the
high-performance shock absorbers for all-terrain vehicles. And if you’ve been involved in CWRU Motorsports–aka Baja–you know Larry Enterline ’74.


He’s the former CEO of Fox Holding Co., which manufactures Fox shox and other racing products. He’s also a fan of Baja and its student racers and designers, with
whom he shares an engineering spirit.


“Anyone who is into off-road racing is definitely an enthusiast,” he observes. “We have a passion about that.”


That’s not all he’s passionate about. In tribute to his success in business and his
commitment to worthy causes, Enterline will receive a Meritorious Service Award
at Homecoming 2022.


The award will recognize not only a fast-paced career, but the many times he’s paused to look back and see who he could help follow.


Enterline grew up racing trail bikes through the woods of western New York.


He came to Case Institute of Technology for a degree in electrical engineering, pledged Phi Kappa Tau, and readied himself for a stimulating career.


“Case was tremendous preparation,” he said. “What stunned me, coming from a
fairly rural high school, was the quality of the students. Case just had a great group of people to learn from.”


Engineering roles at Reliance Electric and Bailey Controls lead to leadership positions and his dream job. In 2011, Fox Factory made him CEO.


Enterline tripled sales and soon took Fox Factory public. He served as CEO until 2018. Last year, he stepped down as executive chairman of the board.


He remains active in the Enterline Foundation, which he founded 20 years ago to support programs that help developmentally disabled adults—a cause dear to his parents. And he helps the Case Baja team to compete with the best.


Enterline connected with the student group on a campus tour six or seven years ago, when he happened to see a Baja vehicle and noticed the team was using his
competitor’s shock absorbers.


“So, I said right away, ‘I think we can make this better,’” he laughed. “That’s how I got involved with the team.”


He and his Fox colleagues have since provided Baja teams with guidance, parts,
project funding, internships and jobs.


Enterline, happy to employ Case engineers, insists he’s gotten the better end of the deal.


The Homecoming awards program begins at 6 p.m. Friday, October 7, in Strosacker
Auditorium. Learn more and register at casealumni.org/homecoming.

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Larry Enterline

Larry Enterline, in glasses and orange shirt, with some of his Case fraternity brothers in the 1970s.

“What stunned me, coming from a fairly rural high school, was the quality of the students. Case just had a great group of people to learn from.”

— Larry Enterline

Larry Enterline was inspired to give back by his parents, Mont and Bonnie.

Larry Enterline took Fox Factory public.