Episode 15: MASTER MAKER

YouTube personality and NASA engineer Alex Schepelmann ’09, MS ’10, would like nothing better than to show you how to Super Make Something!

Welcome to think[box] Radio, a bi-monthly podcast inspired by Sears think[box], the innovation center at Case Western Reserve University, the largest maker space on an American college campus. We hope to share with you some of the magic that happens here and inspire your own innovations and dreams.

Your host, Robert Smith, is the former innovation economy reporter for the Cleveland Plain Dealer. The show is produced by Lillian Messner for the Case Alumni Association in cooperation with the Case School of Engineering.

Every episode features an innovator connected to Case Western Reserve University, one of the nation’s leading research universities. We let them tell us what drives them, where they get their ideas, and what tools seem to work best. So sit back, listen in, and learn why the CWRU motto is “Think beyond the possible.”

EP. 14 Covid Sleuths

When the pandemic struck, researchers Fanny Ye and Ken Loparo used data science to map a way through it. Their Alpha Satellite can guide you to the safest places to be.

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EP. 13: The rebuilder

Biomedical engineer Dustin Tyler, PhD ’99, is at the cutting edge of neural engineering—what some call “human fusion”—bringing new hope and sensations to people with paralysis.

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